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D.E.P.S(Door Edge Protection System)

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This product is developed to prevent Door-ding due to careless door opening in limited parking space. this product makes up for the weakness of other products, like possibility of theft, lack of removable mechanism and imperfect protection.


It wins 7 awards, in States, Germany and Korea. Main-body of the product can be attachable on door edge. Low power by adopting 6 color CDS illumination sensor, maximizing one’s alertness by using Fake Camera Design, pads connected main body for protecting front & rear door, and easy placement through magnetic installation make a feature of this product.


Also, registered and applied for 26 Intellectual Property rights, Qualified by IP44 and authorized in CE & FCC & KC & CU.


- Character -


Designed for stable electricity supply and prevent in battery discharge.

Automatic LED Indicator ON/OFF by Surrounding Brightness

Six-color Activation by the Sensor

Built-in Static-proof Circuit Unit

Self-restoring Fuse

IP44 for Daily Uses/Water and Dust Proof Design

Slim Design

Anti-Theft System

Simple Attachment / Detachment

Advanced Door-dent Preventing Function

Easy to Use

Possible Constant Attachment

Drawing Attention with the Lens

Aerodynamic Design

No Adhesive


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D_E_P_S_Door Edge Protection System_

D_E_P_S_Door Edge Protection System_